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My Story

One day I was super healthy hot yoga instructor and online fitness coach, working out 6-7 days a week, eating clean, feeling great....and then about 3 months after having my second baby, suddenly I wasn't. I didn't feel okay at all and I had no idea why.

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I was ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME with compulsive racing thoughts, mostly about my kids and I getting sick or all kinds of horrible things happening. It created insomnia, which is horrible when you're already not sleeping! My hair was falling out even worse than after my first son, to the point that I had two huge bald patches on each side of my head, my hands and feet were always cold, and as hard as I tried I couldn't pray my way out of the anxiety or read my bible enough to feel okay because it wasn't a faith problem - it was a chemical and hormonal problem.

I was trying all kinds of holistic things recommended by my chiropractor and midwife but It finally got bad enough that one night I went into the garage to admitted to my husband that I wasn't okay, and that I thought I needed anxiety meds and maybe even something to help me sleep. I do NOT take meds so this shows had bad it really was. I was deserate for relief. I ended up going to a psychiatrist who misdiagnosed me with postpartum anxiety and prescribed medication. I went on them short-term for relief but really wanted to find out what was going on and get to the root cause.


A friend told me to check my thyroid, which I did after my first child, but this time she told me I needed to see an endocrinologist to get a FULL thyroid panel including my antibodies. The doctor said it was just postpartum stuff and didn't want to test me but I fought for that test y'all and I'm so glad I did because five days later I received a call diagnosing me with Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease. The nurse explained that once I stopped breastfeeding, they would put me on thyroid meds but eventually my thyroid would burn itself out and then they would up my meds and I would be on those for life. That was it, and then he asked me if I had any questions!



I have a disease?!

How did this happen?!


I mean, I've always been such a healthy person, active and a healthy eater. And what could I do about this? No, I wasn't going to just do meds for life! There had to be a better way!

I was on my knees nearly all of 2017, with my nose in books, researching, reading, and trying to figure out how I could help my body heal naturally - which started to feel like a full time job and oh the frustration of reading one thing, starting to make those changes, and then reading something totally different the next week. It was all conflicting and confusing. I just wanted healing! I tried expensive shampoos, and even Plexus for about 30 days but didn't feel like it was doing much and didn't want to waste the money so I stopped. Which looking back, I'm not surprised at because I was too skeptical of these products and the company as a whole. I thought they were some quick-fix thing and not at all in alignment with holistic healing, which is what I'm all about. (Goodness how wrong I was )

Well, I FINALLY got to the point of desperation and decided to bite the bullet in January of 2018 and do ALL THE THINGS I had been avoiding. I went dairy free, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, caffeine free, egg free and MORE! It was so hard. I started drinking celery juice every morning and following the Medical Medium's healing protocols, AIP and other thyroid-healing plans, I bought tons of expensive supplements, was dropping hundreds of dollars with every visit to the naturopath and knew I needed to get a functional medical practitioner but couldn't afford it.


I definitely started to feel better but what I was doing was HARD, expensive, and taking SO much time and effort. It wasn't anything I could sustain long term. We were praying about getting pregnant again and my biggest concern was my thyroid and if it could handle another pregnancy. But we didn't feel done and God was so good to calm my fears and give us our first baby girl just 5 months ago. Autoimmune issues go into a false remission while you're pregnant so I didn't stick to all my gluten and dairy-free protocols as much, but by 2-3 months postpartum I knew I needed to get back to it. I did, but I started to notice my hair falling out like crazy again, had some anxiety and just wasn't feeling like myself. I did NOT want to go down that road again.

I wanted to be complete healed!

I kept seeing my friend Chelsea post about women with Hashimotos and other thyroid diseases who were finding healing using three plant-based supplements and even though I turned my nose up at her posts for years, I just couldn't risk it anymore. I had to at least learn more. So I  reached out, got into her info page, and learned things about gut health, blood sugar, and inflammation that I never knew! I learned about what is REALLY at the root of Hashimotos and so many other diseases and symptoms plaguing us today, things I didn't learn anywhere else. It all made sense and since I knew God was nudging me to give them a try (and there was a 60 day money-back guarantee), I decided to swallow my pride and order. I couldn't keep praying to God for healing and then saying no to the very thing he wanted to use to heal me!!

Y'all by day three my body started detoxing and although it wasn't fun, I was SO encouraged that meant the products were working!!! I was hopeful and continued to pray as Chelsea prayed for me too! In just over 30 DAYS (yes, just 1 month) I:

  • got new hair growth popping up like crazy to cover my bald patches where it had all fell out

  • started dreaming again & sleeping better (no more random insomnia after those overnight nursing sessions)

  • my emotions were more balanced

  • was thinking more clearly

  • have had absolutely NO anxiety even with the big decisions we've had regarding the boys returning to school and confirmation of my husband's job loss (I've had anxiety struggles since childhood y'all!!! )

  • lost a few pounds

  • felt more energized every day

I'm so grateful for all the healing I've experienced and the answers I have found through this journey, about how my body works on the inside and why nothing else I did before worked! And now that I am living FREE of all those symptoms I used to struggle with daily, finally understanding why nothing else I did before ever worked, all I want is to help others get here too!

If you're on medication but don't want to live on them, if you want to know WHY you have symptoms and actually heal your body so they go away vs sticking a bandaid on them, if you're at your whits end and just can't take not feeling well anymore, or if you tried something from this company in the past but didn't fully believe they would work for you or just didn't give them enough TIME to work (because healing isn't a quick fix y'all), I so encourage you to try this or try it again. Consistency + time = healing! I know it's hard to get your hopes up one more time but it was worth it for me and I truly believe it will be for you too!

*PS- I've now been on these products for nearly 15 months! The hair regrowing is unreal and I still haven't had any anxiety y'all!!! I just went to a functional doctor last week to get my blood work results and my thyroid levels look great (one one is still slightly elevated), blood sugar is back in a normal range and I'm no longer prediabetic, and I could not be more thankful someone shared this with me.

So In closing, if God has put me or one of my posts in front of you, I don't think it's an accident. I can't encourage you enough to lean in! He won't force you to learn more, keep an open mind or try these supplements, but if you give him just one little yes at a time and choose faith > fear, anything is possible - including healing! I'm living proof!



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