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Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope: Testimonials

Jace's Story


I’ve been to school for over seven years learning about mental health and never learned about the gut-brain connection.
But that bonus information that has expanded my ability to help people in my career isn’t even what got me into drinking that pink drink.

It was the simple truth that I was at the crossroads of doctors shrugging their shoulders and symptoms I wasn’t willing to live with.

That’s where the journey started, yet just seven months in and it’s given me and my family so. much. more.

I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver and then my gallbladder was taken out last summer. 

My digestion was not the same. I was going crazy! But like I said, the doctors informed me it either would be or wouldn’t be, but there was nothing I could do that would really help it. To top it off, my toddler had joined the club of babies not pooping for at least a week, and I really worried when it got even longer. Tears and screams flooded our house, but the doctor (bless him) said it was normal and didn’t really want to give us meds because miralax does far more damage than good.

So we took the chance to start these plant based supplements to see what they could do. I could have shopped the aisles at my health food store-but I wouldn’t have even known where to start!! I barely took vitamins, people. 

To say I was anxious about seeing results for my toddler is an understatement. I was ready to ditch these in a heat beat and march right back to the doctor to get a quick fix if they couldn’t show results soon.
Four weeks went by painstakingly slow-but because I was looking so close, I saw the small wins. And so we stayed at it-and I’m so glad we did. Soon, I got my digestion back to normal and we’ve never had to wait a week or even close for the toddler to go, since. 

I never thought to look for more-but boy did it come.

It’s been seven months and look at all the bonuses for our health we’ve gained!!


  • eczema cleared for toddler

  • my mood stabilized-even through pregnancy and postpartum

  • I’ve had more energy to the point where I could drive for the first time in over a decade without the fear of falling asleep-plus I’ve been able to get through the days with toddler and baby easier 

  •  I’ve sleep better overall

  • I’ve learned so much about mental health that I’ve never known/been taught

  • my skin has cleared up from rashes and become smoother/more nourished

  • I’m nursing two kiddos now and the milk supply has been stocking the freezer without me even trying

  • decreased inflammation during pregnancy (less swelling)

  • I’ve gained a community of people that I’ve truly come to love

When God shows up-He SHOWS up. And I’m so grateful for the education and the supplements that he has used to transform our health.

We took a chance and found so much more than we hoped for! 

Are you next?

Katie's Story


So I'm taking a second to get really personal and share a sneak peak into what was my norm, in hopes maybe I can be of encouragement or hope to someone else going through some serious health issues. 

If you knew me, you'd know I've had SERIOUS health issues since about 14. In high school I missed MANY days and risked even not being able to enter my junior year because I had missed too many days due to health issues, medical tests, and trips to specialists. I rarely felt well and learned from a young age to just push through the day even when I felt my worst. I was told from a young age that I had an issue with nerve impulses, digesting my food, female reproductive system, chronic IBS, and SO much more. But the best they could suggest was using Miralax, putting me on birth control, and a few prescriptions.  

Fast forward into my mid 20's... I still was suffering from IBS, hyperhydrosis, irregular and painful periods, and I found out I have stage 4 endometriosis. I had no energy and was living off of 4+ cups of coffee a day just to make it through the work day; making it.nearly impossible to pour into relationships, myself , or my kids. I also began suffering from anxiety, depression, acid reflux, weight gain, a cancer scare, and even worse...infertility. Needless to say my health couldn't be much worse. No matter how many homeopathic remedies I tried, changes to my diet, vitamins I took, or prescriptions things just weren't getting better, in fact they were getting worse! I was feeling depressed and defeated!

Here's the redemptive part of this story... fast forward to December 2020, my sister who knows all I have been through connected me with Kim McCloskey who had been using some products that help heal the body and gut at the root level....her personal testimony is that she had autoimmune issues and more and these products helped dramatically. I was desperate for healing for some of my health issues and decided to try the same products she was using, knowing they had a 60 day money back guarantee (talk about being a skeptic!). 

I started with Plexus in January 2021 and I've now been on these products for close to 9 months and I am seeing healing that I've never experienced before. I used to be in severe pain daily from my endometriosis; the doctors were telling me the only way I'd ever have less pain and more normal periods was to go on this crazy version of birth control or have a hysterectomy. In February after 1 month of using these products I had almost no endo pain and what's even crazier is my menstrual cycle has started stabilizing and doing things it's never done. By March i had ovulated which hadnt happened before. My anxiety is now gone and I'm completely off anxiety meds i'm sleeping so much better, and I have so much more energy to run around with my kids. The cherry on top is that I've even managed to lose 4 pounds in the past month without major dieting and exercise, which has never happened for me before. I'm still in awe that these 3 supplements have changed my life so dramatically!

After seeing such results and progress myself, I decided to also start my husband and kids on these products....both have had severe GI issues and reflux, I could go on for days with the improvements I've seen in both kids since starting these products. Easton's Eczema...nearly gone. IBS gone. And even better...they are both sleeping better too!!!!

But seriously, if this is sounds familiar, make a change! It was scary and I was skeptical but trust me..... THIS IS DIFFERENT.

Rachel's Story


I was taking my health and fitness very seriously, working out everyday , nutrition was on point but there still was something so very wrong. 

I wasn’t well at all. One day I’d feel great and the next day I was a wreck. One day I’d have energy to do all the things and the next day I didn’t have energy to shower. And I had no idea why. I started seeing my doctor. He suspected I had multiple sclerosis. I couldn’t lift my arms, my speech was slurred, and I’d randomly fall asleep. 

I was trying all kinds of healthy things recommended by my doctor but nothing seemed to truly work! I really wanted to find out what was going on and get to the root cause. My husband worked hard to help find answers. The doctor finally tested my thyroid and diagnosed me with Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease. I was told they ruled out MS, but I had leaky gut. 

Why?! I didn’t want to be sick! On top of Hashimotos my lungs were in TERRIBLE shape. I used an inhaler multiple times a day and still struggled. I was scared to sleep because I thought I’d die in my sleep. There had to be a better way!

I was still struggling with hypothyroidism, my heart raced, I was dizzy, I was bloated, my anxiety was at an all time high, I was covered in hives, I’d randomly fall asleep during the day. I planned everything around trying to squeeze in a nap. It was so bad I was put on medicine for narcolepsy and still fell asleep. I’d cry all the time because my stomach HURT!! I was so cranky all the time. I was miserable  

Well, I FINALLY got to the point of desperation and decided to bite the bullet and do ALLL THE THINGS I had been avoiding. I did an elimination diet. I went gluten free, soy free, sugar free, and MORE! It was so hard. I definitely started to feel better but what I was doing was HARD and taking SO much time and effort. It wasn’t anything I could sustain long term. 

We were praying about me returning to work or staying home. We couldn’t afford so many supplements, doctor visits, and strict diets. 

I wanted a complete healing!! I kept seeing my friend post about women with Hashimotos and other thyroid diseases who were finding healing using these supplements and even though I turned my nose up at it I just couldn’t risk it anymore. I couldn’t keep praying to God for healing and then saying no to the very thing he wanted to use to heal me!!

In just a two months of using the supplements and not changing anything else: 


  • I’m sleeping better 

  • My emotions are balanced

  • I was thinking more clearly

  • I have had absolutely NO anxiety (& I’ve had anxiety struggles since childhood y’all!!! )

  • I’ve lost a few pounds

  •  I’m feeling more energized every day

  • I can stay on task

  • I’m motivated and enjoying life again 

  • I actually am excited to play with my kids 

I’ve learned so much about WHY nothing I did before totally worked and why this did!

I could not be more happy, I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell anyone who will listen - even the most skeptical of people like me! 

I can’t tell you how amazing I feel. This has changed my life in a positive direction. I’m so grateful for Jesus pushing me to try this and for seeing results.

Valeri's Story


There is hope. And hope has the power to activate healing. 

I was the woman doing all the “right things”: eating clean whole foods, cooking every single meal at home, NOT eating certain foods, reading all the food labels, exercising 6 days a week, supplementing where I needed to, ridding my home is toxic chemicals, and even finding stress-relieving practices to implement. But even with “doing it all” I found that I didn’t feel like myself. I was still stressed out, had a pretty much non-existent libido after my 2nd baby (I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I have been intimate with my husband in the past TWO years ), felt irritated most of the time, struggled with depression and postpartum rage, had excruciating sciatic nerve pain, and could not lose weight. Heck, I am even in the process of getting my holistic health coach certification and specialising in hormone support!! And while I am a huge advocate for lifestyle changes, I was also realizing that something was missing and I was becoming exhausted trying to find a solution. I felt like I was working so hard to care for my body, but my body was betraying me. And that’s were I found myself in April. Frustrated because my body was not responding to all my efforts and my weight hadn’t budged in over a year, discouraged because I didn’t know what else to do about my depression, mood swings, irritability, hormone imbalance, and chronic fatigue (and I didn’t want to go on prescribed medication but I was seriously thinking about it). And no amount of eating “clean” took away my sugar cravings and need for caffeine. And I missed being intimate with my husband and all the closeness and trust and vulnerability that brings into our marriage 

A few months ago I was seeing Kim post about her success on a few supplements she was taking and truth be told, I sat back and judged her. Judged her because she was a holistic researcher like me and she already knew what she needed to do to heal her body (only that she had been and it wasn’t working, same as me!). Judged her because she was better than some “weight loss” supplements. So, it goes without saying that I was 110% skeptical. But it wasn’t long before God showed me that I was judging her out of my own pain, and how I was actually taking pride in doing things the "hard way". She was experiencing healing and new found freedoms, and I was still struggling even after doing all the things! 

I’m incredibly grateful that Kim invited me to one of her info sessions where I learned more in depth about inflammation, gut health, and blood sugar. My mind was blown! How could just these three areas of my health be so impactful to my overall well-being??! But in reality, this was all in complete alignment with what I have been learning about supporting my endocrine system and thyroid, as well as the importance of a healthy gut microbiome through my coaching program. I am so thankful that I was able to get over myself and trust God with this process because it has been the missing link I needed to start healing the root cause of so many of my symptoms. I’ve been on these supplements a little over 4 months and I have lost 10 lbs, have no sciatic nerve pain, have energy to jump on the trampoline with my two littles, don’t need caffeine or crave sugar, am finally experiencing moments of feeling true joy, feeling less irritable and have more patience, and I have the emotional capacity to connect with my husband even after a long day! I cannot wait to see what other changes occur as I continue on this healing journey! There is hope! 

Patty's Story


Listen up ladies if you are skeptical read this... 

This is where I was last year.. I was taking my heath and fitness very seriously, working out everyday , nutrition was on point but there still was something so very wrong. 

I was still struggling with hypothyroidism, my heart (AFIB) ,I couldn’t loose weight, my skin was a mess (rosacea), my anxiety was at an all time high, my hair was thinning , I was suffering with diverticulitis, I suffered with migraines weeks , I had brain fog and hot flashes,acid reflux, and low vitamin D and B-12 , I couldn’t sleep without melatonin nightly not to mention my bowel habits were not existent. I was miserable  

After ghosting my friend Kim and seeing the amazing results she was having with these 3 plant  based supplements, I was a bit curious. I had been to multiple Doctors and tried all the things and nothing helped. I was stuck like so many. Tired of spending soooo money and so many pills, I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to loose and everything to gain. New year new me !! So I ordered it right after Christmas to start in early January!

After a couple of days I started noticing that I was sleeping without melatonin and dreaming. I hadn’t dreamt in years.  Huge win!! 

In 2 weeks my bowel habits were regular and the bloating was gone!!  Girl I felt amazing!

In 4 weeks my skin was clearing up, my anxiety was lifting, and hot flashes were minimal! 

By 7 weeks in, I lost 5 pounds without doing anything else different, I see new hair growth, and my anxiety is like gone as no more migraines as acid reflux !!

I can’t tell you how amazing I feel. This has changed my life in a positive direction. I’m so grateful for Jesus pushing me to try this these supplements!

Karina's Story


To the girl whose tried it all... 

It was hard to to admit to myself that I had gained some weight (and actually been batteling it for years if I’m being honest with you), had been struggling with anxiety, brain fog, thyroid health, hair loss, acne, lack of energy, and I was just now feeling good. I knew something had to change, but didn’t know where to start because of past failures. 

I started and stopped way too many things to help get into better health/shape over the last couple of years and it’s been exhausting! I was buying all the supplements, protein powder, and workout programs. I thought I was doing all the “right” things. Following nutrition plans, working out everyday,drinking all the shakes, using a calorie deficit, ect ect. Nothing was changing, but why?? 

I began learning about how gut health, blood sugar, and inflammation are at the root of everything going on in my body and decided to start taking a few plant based supplements to get healthy from the inside out. After seeing what they did to help my friend Kim I knew I needed to try! Now, not only is my hair the healthiest it’s been in years, my acne is gone, I have a clear mind, my energy levels are wayyy up (I used to have to take preworkout before exercise, but now I barely use it) my anxiety is at an all time low and the anxiety provoking situations for me are more manageable. I’m slowly losing weight alongside eating well and moving my body, and I just couldn’t be happier with how I’m feeling!

Haley's Story


After birthing 6 babies, no way am I suppose to feel great, right? 


I was starting to get in the stinking thinking that I will just feel tired, sluggish, lack focus and concentration, constant anxiety, struggle with mood swings, live off of coffee ALL day, and forever crave carbs and sugars! 
That was a LIE! 

You see this last pregnancy, we were in the midst of a pandemic, not sure y’all recall that or not ?! I’m a homeschooling mama and since life was canceled, I relied on the easiest foods- Pizza, pizza and more pizza… the sad thing is I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle for several years now, but something happened mentally and I was just done with cooking and meal prep. Finally this spring I saw my friend Kim share something that was helping her gain back life. I watched her for a bit and decided, God gives us tools for our tool belts so we can live THE one and only life here on earth well, to the best of our God given abilities. I was done with being achy and sore and the extra 20lbs I was still holding! 
1 month into Triplex, 
••I am down 12 lbs, 
••my heart isn’t racing
••hands aren’t achy
••brain fog is lifting 
••belly fat is melting 
•• NO headaches 

And one of the best parts, my nursing baby girl all her eczema type rashes are GONE!!! I failed to even mention that in the beginning, I tried 3 different clean creams, and some not so good creams, nothing helped heal her hot spots! 

Now being 4 months in- 
••I’m down 15 pounds 
••sleeping soundly ((even with a nursing baby))
••energy is HIGH
••craving greens and veggies
••mood swings at bay

I feel AMAZING honestly! I also recently started my husband on these, and he can notice his own body not feeling right when he skips a day or two. 

One more thing, seeing so many of my friends get these same benefits make my heart so happy! 
I am grateful and Thankful for these being introduced to me! 

Stephanie's Story


Hey exhausted and run down mamas! I see you!!! In fact, I was you. I had the never ending to do list that always seemed to grow instead of shrink because I had no energy or motivation to tackle the list.

I sought out medical treatment, and I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder.

None of the medicines I took or the lifestyle changes I tried were yielding lasting results. I was miserable in my own skin. In fact, I HATED myself and didn’t know why God would keep me on Earth. I wasn’t doing anyone any good.

BUT GOD . . . God got my attention through @kimsfaithfulmess posts about candida yeast overgrowth and gut health. I had heard of these things before, but never gave them much thought.

This time, however, I stopped, read, and researched. Guess what?!?! I had 30 of the symptoms of candida yeast overgrowth.

This overgrowth explained why I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and overall mental health for the past two decades. It explained why I was gaining weight, had no energy, sinus issues, persistent cough and cravings like crazy!!! I had been suffering for so long that I started to believe this was normal. Ladies, this is NOT normal!!!Being sick, tired, and irritable is NOT normal nor is it the way I want to live my life.

I will forever be thankful to Kim for educating me on gut health and why not all probiotics do the same thing and have the same results. This education led me to trying the supplements Kim had been on for almost a year. She had been experiencing tons of healing and continued to inspire me with testimonies of other women just like me who found hope and healing by starting these supplements!

I am 2 1/2 months in, and I am comfortable in my own skin. I am walking in the plans and purposes God has for my life. I have energy, am sleeping through the night, no anxiety or depression, and I'm wearing my goal pants that I have held on to for years in the hopes I would be able to wear them. TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Thank you God for healing me from the inside out.

Jordan's Story


I first connected with Jordan, a teacher & mama of 2, just over a month ago! She informed that she had a slew of health issues including Type 1 Diabetes, which she was diagnosed with 20 years ago at the age of 17. She wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor 24/7.

She suffers from anxiety and has struggled for a long time with extreme fatigue, severe brain fog, difficulty falling asleep, cravings for carbs, etc...
Her doctor even put her on Adderall for energy.

She told me: “I have done a lot of researching and came across something called “Adrenal Fatigue” which seems to describe me to a T and makes sense now knowing my autoimmune history. Through my research I came across Plexus. I have had people reach out to me in the past but it never spoke to me at the time. I just want to feel normal again, but I can’t afford hundreds of dollars a month on products.”

After chatting with her, she decided to get signed up the cheapest way possible to give Triplex a go and within 4 DAYS she messaged me this:

“I know it only has been 4 days or so but since starting this regimen, I have not had one single diet pop (some days I would have 3+). I have cut coffee down to less than 8oz a day and not even missing it (I can foresee getting rid of it all together). I am loving the pink drink to start my day! I feel more energized and less hungry during day, but am tired at night and sleeping like a rock. My bathroom trips are regular and the best of all, my blood sugars seem to be staying in a tighter range.”

By the 7 DAY MARK she shared:

“It is going great!!! A few crazy observations from 1 week in that I can back up with real data...

1. Since beginning Plexus, my blood sugar control has significantly improved, in fact my Doctor pin pointed a significant improvement starting on the exact day I began this regimen and continues to improve. (I will attach picture of my graph) 
2. In one week I have lower my overall basal insulin needs by 2 units. I no longer need as much daily insulin.
3. Bathroom trips are 
4. I am drinking way more water and pee 

I am excited to see how I feel after a long period of time using Plexus. I am hopeful I have found something to help me feel more human again. It has been too long.”  — with Jordan Christiano Mihalik.

Kara's Story


Kara’s story is a powerful reminder that things like anxiety & depression do not define us, that we can heal our bodies no matter how long we’ve been on meds, and that there is HOPE!

“3 Months ago, after reading endless posts on these 3 plant base supplements my sweet friend Kim had been taking and was transforming her health I FINALLY thought, “I have to ask her what this is all about!”

I began to learn the the 3 Pillars of Health - Gut Health, Blood Sugar, & Inflammation - that are the root cause of most of our health issues.

I also began to read testimony after testimony of hundreds of others who have found real, lasting healing after finally taking these supplements.

This is not another quick fix ~ This is REAL healing and that takes time but, BOY IS IT WORTH!!!

I didn’t get off my medication a week into taking these, not even a 1 1/2 months into taking them...

Our cells take 60 to 90 days to regenerate so it wasn’t until the last couple weeks that I started this process of stepping down on my medication dose until now being completely off.

WHAT?!?! YES - I am completely off ALL Medications for the first time in over 20 years for Anxiety/Depression.

I can’t even begin to explain how AMAZINGLY FREEING this is and literally something I thought would NEVER be a reality for me, But God...

The other thing that has transformed my life is the community of woman who daily build me up and have supported me through this healing process.

Trust me when you begin to do something that is from God, EXPECT SATAN TO ATTACK!!! Satan knew my anxiety/depression had always defined me in some way and believe me when he began to fill my mind with lies when I began going off my medications. But, God...

God had the right people surrounding me who continued and will continue to speak TRUTH to me on the days when I am weak

And I know this is just the beginning!!!

I will never stop sharing because it would be absolutely selfish of me to keep this to myself

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