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If you want to address the three pillars of your health - gut, blood sugar and inflammation - to create healing at the root level, you need TRIPLEX!

Triplex is our top-selling product combo that is comprised of three supplements that address each of those 3 pillars together. This is very important because these pillars are interrelated and each one has a domino effect on the other.

Let’s break down exactly what these three supplements are and how they work!


The Solution


"Pink Drink"

  • regulates blood sugar

  • reduces inflammation

  • balances hormones

  • helps aid transport of glucose into our cells to then be utilized for energy

  • contains prebiotics that feed good gut bacteria that impact metabolism


It has been show to also: improve sleep, increase energy, and decrease puffiness in the body!


It’s important to note that that Slim is not about weight loss like people tend to think. It’s about balancing your blood sugar, which balances your hormones. People who have weight to lose will be able to lose weight naturally when that happens, but those who don’t need to lose weight won’t. It’s also important to note that Slim does not contain caffeine.


Bio Cleanse

Bio cleanse is a magnesium/vitamin C supplement that:


  • gently cleanses the GI tract

  • oxygenates the body

  • helps create alkalinity in the body

  • helps to process glucose in our body, working hand-in-hand with insulin.

Bio Cleanse naturally fights inflammation, and magnesium is essential for over 300 chemical reactions to take place in our body every day! Bio Cleanse also promotes regularity, which is very important because we need to be regularly eliminating candida overgrowth, toxins, broken down hormones and junk so it doesn’t stay inside us and get reabsorbed into the bloodstream! It decreases bloating and works together with ProBio 5 to create a happy gut! 


Probio 5

Probio 5 is a power-packed 3-in-1 Probiotic that contains:

  • digestive enzymes

  • freeze-dried probiotic strands that actually make it to your gut unlike most probiotics

  • an antifungal that attacks candida (yeast) overgrowth and helps us get rid of it.


ProBio 5 helps to create a healthy microbiome by breaking down the bad guys and adding the good guys, which allows for better digestion and absorption of food. This is so important because you aren’t what you eat like most people think, you are what you ABSORB!

Check out this short video with more info about TriPlex!
Interested in even more info? Check out the info and ingredient sheet HERE. 


The RESET is a 3-Day nutritionally-supported fast designed to reset your metabolism, support gut health and blood sugar levels, and restore cellular function, all while detoxifying and clearing out the JUNK so you can find balance again. 


The Reset is perfect for anyone who is looking for:

  • A jumpstart to their health goals

  • Quick (but healthy) weight loss (*Average weight loss is 5.6 pounds of true fat loss - clinically tested and proven!!! However many people lose closer to 10-11 pounds

  • A way to break through a plateau in their health journey

  • A 3 day cellular detox to clear out the junk and wipe the slate clean


What’s included?

EVERYTHING you’ll need for a nutritionally supported 3 day fast! You get 7 products (drinks, soups, and a snack bar) to consume each day of the Reset. Everything you need is in the box, ready to grab and go! No grocery shopping or meal prep required.

  • HYDRATE (electrolyte blend)

  • LEAN (protein meal replacement shake)

  • PINK DRINK (blood glucose support)




  • ACTIVE (clean energy and recovery)

  • RESTORE (digestive, liver and cellular support)



Triplex + Balance

Have you heard of the Ozempic shot?! Dr. Hartman, Vice President of Research and Development for Plexus, recently shared with us that Plexus Balance and Slim Hunger Control (Black Cherry specifically) have key ingredients that work similarly to GLP-1 meds (aka "the skinny shot").

GLP-1 is the hormone that says when you're full and it's stimulated by polydextrose, which is in Slim Hunger Control. So, the Pink Drink is naturally stimulating your GLP-1 just like the synthetic shots! Adding Balance will inhibit the enzymes that digest cards/sugars, so they don't convert to fat, increasing the effectiveness and results! So many people who have been on Plexus for years and never really lost weight have switched to this and are finally losing the weight they wanted to!

I just wrapped up a 2-week test group for the $153 combo and the results ranged from 5-6 pounds of weight loss (in the month of December!) to less brain fog, better sleep, less cravings, less bloating, and more energy!

A new group starts January 15th! For maximum weight loss, snag our Triplex + 3-Day Reset combo and get a bottle of Balance for FREE through December 31, 2023! You'll have everything you need for $189 to get the best results!

If you're looking to lose weight fast, and in a safe and affordable way that actually improves your health, you need to try this combo! 

  • Black Cherry Lime Hunger Control Slim (make sure you grab this one - it contains spirulina algae, which seems to be the most effective with the Balance)

  • ProBio5

  • BioCleanse

  • Balance capsules

You can get all of that in our new combo for just $153! You can also start a little cheaper, with just the Slim Hunger Control in Black Cherry Lime + Balance for $115.


Ordering Options

Retail Customer

 This is the best way to place a one-time order and is the most expensive option. The only time I would really recommend retail is for someone who is ordering one product like our collagen one time just to see how it compares.


Ordering Triplex as a Retail Customer is about $158 per month and the Reset is $149, plus tax and shipping. Ordering the Reset + Triplex Combo is $263, plus tax and shipping. (Please note: All pricing is in US dollars and subject to change if you live in another country.)

VIP Membership

VIP Members pay a $9.99 yearly fee and get all of their products at VIP pricing (25% off of retail). This option is perfect for someone who is ordering a combo of products like Triplex and someone committed to stay consistent long enough to get results and healing!


VIP Members are eligible to get started with a Triplex Welcome Pack for a one time price of just $124 ($112 with my promo code below) for the first month and will pay $134 moving forward, which is about $35 cheaper than Retail Customers. 

VIP Members are also eligible to get started with 3-Day Reset + Triplex Welcome Pack for a one time cost of $199 ($189 with promo code below) plus shipping and tax, which is about $120 cheaper than retail.

There are two main ways I recommend getting started - with Triplex alone OR a Triplex + 3-Day Reset pack, which will give you the most bang for your buck and the best possible results! There are lots of other combos and welcome packs as well, so if you aren't sure what the best products are for YOU to get started with, please reach out.

As a VIP Member, you also get some major perks! You receive 25% off all orders, 15% money back on your own product orders over 100 PV like Triplex (yep, you literally get paid for buying your own products), free products through our Perks Program starting in your second month, access to Pivotal on our new PlexusGo app complete with workouts, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists and motivation to help you make a true lifestyle change, and you receive a referral link, in case you have any friends, family or acquaintances who decide to try these supplements with you or after they see all they are doing or you!


Sharing is not at all required, neither is ordering a certain amount of product or keeping an auto-shipment BUT if just three people decide to try our supplements at VIP pricing with you, you will earn $300-400 (and a special gift) which would make your products FREE for the first three months!!

***Please note that I ALWAYS recommend giving Triplex a MINIMUM of 3-6 months to allow your body to start healing enough on the inside for you to see some tangible results of that on the outside. We aren’t a quick fix and healing is a process since there’s a problem brewing beneath the surface for 4-7 years on average before we ever develop a symptom, and that’s why this is the way I recommend all my clients get started to set them up for success! If you commit to the healing process and give these products at least a few months to start working, you WILL see positive changes! If you’re committed to healing your body, then wholesale is your best option as it makes it the cheapest way to get started, continue, and comes with so many perks!

How to Order


So now that you know all the info about Triplex and/or the Reset, what it costs, and which ordering option makes the most sense for you, it’s time to get you started! Click the link below to be directed to my website.


If you want to order as a Retail Customer:

  • Click SHOP

  • Select the Triplex combo and/or the Reset

  • Checkout WITHOUT a subscription for Retail

Remember that you are completely in control of your subscription and can stop or change the date at any point! Don’t forget to enter the code GIVE10 at checkout to get $10 off your first order!

If you want to order as a VIP Customer:


  • Click JOIN in the banner at the top of my website

  • Click Find My Regimen, Select Gut Health as your goal, and the Triplex welcome pack is right at the top left.

  • Select the Triplex Welcome Pack near the bottom for $124 (normally $160ish).

  • Fill in your shipping and billing information

  • Don’t forget to enter the promo code GIVE10 at checkout to get an extra $10 off!


Why is it SO important that you click my link and order through me/my husband Shawn Muraco (I am your sponsor either way but ring orders through both of our accounts each month)? When you order through me you will:

  • Be entered into my customer care system

  • Receive weekly check-ins

  • Get detox/dosage adjustments from me

  • Receive my dosaging guide for the first two months (you do not get this in your shipment and what the bottle says is not for first-time customers)

  • Get my ongoing support and coaching through your journey to ensure you get the desired results from your products!


I can’t tell you how many times that I hear people tried these products in the past and didn’t find healing because they just ordered off the website and either got the wrong products, took them incorrectly, didn’t understand the detox process or what to do during it, or didn’t stay on the products long enough to get the results they wanted.


I want you to find healing and I assure you that you will be in the best of hands with me as your guide!

Please note that products are only available in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, & New Zealand. We are currently working on adding the UK to our customer base. 

Join our UK Waitlist

Thanks for subscribing!

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