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Whats the Word on Coffee

I LOVE coffee and it’s not bad for everyone but for those of us suffering from thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes or hormone-related conditions, it’s important to be fully aware of how coffee affects your body.

A study by the Department of Internal Medicine found that caffeine increases blood sugar levels. Blood sugar fluctuations can cause cortisol spikes, which not only exhaust the adrenals but also deregulate the immune system and create inflammation. This is highly undesirable for those of us with adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s or Graves.

Blood sugar spikes cause our body to release a large amount of insulin to bring the blood sugar levels back down, and soon after we feel we need a sugar/carb fix to bring them back up. This is my people who drink coffee at breakfast typically crave carbs and sugar by 11 AM or soon after.

Coffee stimulates the release of gastrin and bile, which speeds up intestinal transit time and is why some people run to 💩 so soon after drinking it. This is no big deal for a person with healthy digestion, but for people with autoimmune conditions, IBS or leaky gut, this can cause further damage to the intestinal lining.

Coffee also stimulates the adrenals to release more cortisol (our stress hormone), which over time leads to adrenal fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, sleeping problems, depression and fatigue.😩

People with Hashimotos should be extra careful as the adrenals and cortisol modulate the immune system, which is already out of whack for us.

Lastly, coffee contributes to estrogen dominance which can cause PMS, lumpy breasts, heavy periods, cellulite, breast cancer, make less thyroid hormone available for the body and can even cause thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer! 🤯


Pro tips:

1️⃣ It’s WAY better to drink coffee AFTER breakfast than on an empty stomach so start there.

2️⃣ Cut back by one cup per day, then try to skip a day. Baby steps add up!

3️⃣ Find an alternative like Rooibos or Chaga tea!

4️⃣ Kick the habit like I did by replacing it with my blood sugar balancing pink drink!

Want to learn more doubt this Pink Drink? Hit the button below for more info!


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